Andre Schreuders, writer&director of Dandan

Because my screenplay is layered, philosophical and poetic, and it is more about atmosphere and feeling than plot, I was initially a bit apprehensive of a script coach who would come up with standard solutions and where I would have to defend my individuality.
During the working sessions of two or three days each time, we made giant leaps in development. Miryam proved capable of mercilessly pointing out weaknesses, inconsistencies and ambiguities, forcing me to become sharper and clearer, without  the fragile artistic edifice I wanted to build carefully and precisely, collapsing. This sharpness and an almost cool, critical matter-of-factness in analysis Miryam coupled with a personal and warm approach: her heartfelt interest in what I had to say gave me confidence and security in this fragile process. It made the screenplay more accessible, solid and rich, but also created more room for the depth I was looking for.