Artist Residence

Our over 400 year old house is located in Hardoncelle, a tiny hamlet on a hill in the French Ardennes, overlooking several valleys. 4,5 hrs from Amsterdam, 2hrs from Brussels and 2,5 hrs from Paris, Sous l’Arbre is as connected as it is quietly tucked away in the rolling landscape of northern France. The historical compound includes a spacious garden and two independent artist residences. Fully equipped they offer one or several artists in search of quiet, concentration and abundant greenery the ideal (co-)working atmosphere during a short to mid-length stay.

Residents also use the countryside to cycle, bird watch, swim and hike. Solvitur ambulando – it is solved by walking – has proven to be the case more often than not. Guided hikes are available upon request. Residents are welcome to help in and cook from the permaculture vegetable garden.

Residences are usually but not necessarily either preceded, combined with or followed by coaching. Group sessions up to 12 persons may be possible in collaboration with a 4-star gite in our village, which contains a large professional room with audiovisual equipment.

We open up our residences a few times a year. Requests from cultural organizations and production companies as well as individual artists and writers may be sent in all year round. We do not provide funding ourselves and non-commercial costs will be charged depending on the season and length of stay. Note that we do not have a large production studio at our premises at the moment. We do have small-scale work spaces and plenty of outdoors.